Adult Treatment

Orthodontic care is not just for children and teens. In fact, over 30 percent of Hass Family’s orthodontic patients are adults, including individuals in their fifties and older. It is never too late to attain the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Align teeth for a more beautiful and aesthetic smileClose spaces where teeth are missingCorrect TMJ (jaw joint) problemsCreate a more comfortable bite to reduce excessive wear on teeth and improve the ability to chew food properlyAlleviate Sleep ApneaCreate a “Bracelift” using Damon® Braces – broad, full smiles will create fuller lips and reduce wrinkle lines around the mouthImprove the ability to brush and easily floss to prevent gum disease, especially for crowded or overlapping lower front teeth

Braces with Barely a Trace

Braces don’t look like they used to. In some cases, Invisalign® (an invisible alternative to braces) can be applied to treat adults. Invisalign® uses clear removable aligners, fabricated through advanced 3D imaging, to align teeth.

For more severe cases, we have the option of clear braces instead of metal, and the new Damon® Brace System that considerably reduces treatment time.
Adults report the same level of comfort as children regarding orthodontic treatment. Braces today are smaller and more comfortable to wear and, typically, any discomfort disappears within two to five days.
Modern techniques, like the new titanium technology (heat-activated wires) and the Damon® Brace System, put less pressure on teeth while moving them more rapidly and efficiently. It also decreases the time required between adjustments to every 10-12 weeks. Treatment time is completed in 15-18 months on average.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adult Treatment

Why should I choose an orthodontic specialist?

Teeth, and sometimes entire facial structures, are permanently changed by orthodontic treatment. It is important that the treatment be appropriate and properly completed. Orthodontic specialists have extensive and specialized training that enables them to provide their patients with professional, personalized treatments.

Can I wear braces even though I have crowns and missing teeth?

Yes. A tooth with a crown will move just like a tooth with a simple filling. When teeth are missing, orthodontic treatment will aid in the alignment of the remaining teeth.

Is it too late to have braces if I am already an adult?

A surprising percentage of our patients are adults. In fact, 25 percent of all orthodontic patients are adults. Health, happiness and self-esteem are vitally important to adults. No patient is "too old" to wear braces!

Can I still play sports?

Yes. We recommend a mouth guard for all sports.

How often will I have appointments?

Appointments are scheduled according to each patient's needs. Most patients in braces will be seen every 5 to 12 weeks. If there are specific situations that require more frequent monitoring, we will schedule appointments accordingly.

How long will it take to complete treatment?

Treatment time obviously depends on each patient's specific orthodontic problem. In general, treatment times range from 6 to 30 months. The "average" time frame a person is in braces is approximately 22 months.

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