Stages of Braces: Two Phase Orthodontics

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Two phase orthodontics is an approach that divides orthodontic care into two separate stages. By doing so, we’re able to achieve better results and reduce the amount of time a child needs in braces during their teen years.

Early Orthodontics

The first phase in two phase orthodontics is early orthodontic treatment. This stage of treatment focuses on preventive care, aiming to influence the jaw as it’s still developing in order to intercept improper growth. Not all children require early orthodontic treatment, but all children should see an orthodontist for a screening by the age of 7 to identify any potential issues and set a schedule for follow-up appointments.

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Adolescent Orthodontics

The second phase of two phase orthodontics is adolescent orthodontics. For most patients, this means either Invisalign Teen or braces. Ideally, any major jaw or facial issues will have been addressed in Phase I of treatment; Phase II focuses on the alignment of the teeth and refinements to ensure a beautiful smile, proper function, and a healthy bite.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment

What is two phase orthodontic treatment?

Two phase orthodontic treatment is a modern approach to orthodontics that seeks to influence the jaw as it is growing to prevent orthodontic issues from forming. This is more effective than waiting for issues to develop and then attempting to correct them later. After the first phase of treatment, braces are used in the second phase to refine the positions of the teeth and bite.

Are Phase II braces necessary?

Most patients do require braces or Invisalign Teen in Phase II, but there are some cases in which they may not be needed.

At what age does Phase II begin?

After Phase I, your child will have a break in treatment. Once all of their primary teeth have fallen out and the secondary teeth are beginning to erupt, we can begin Phase II.

Why are there two phases of orthodontics?

Using interceptive orthodontics to prevent improper jaw growth yields better results than simply waiting until a child reaches adolescence and using braces to correct any bite issues that have formed. Two phase orthodontics is the best way to help your child achieve the smile they were meant to have.

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