a woman holding Invisalign clear aligners

How Does Invisalign Work?


If you need braces, it may seem like Invisalign aligners may be too good to be true. After all, they allow you to straighten your teeth and address your orthodontic needs while remaining discreet. How do they work? 

You know how important a beautiful smile is to your confidence and outlook on life, so you must make the best choice for your dental health that may mean making a choice between metal braces and Invisalign. 

To make the most informed decision, it is best to understand all the facts - starting with how Invisalign works. 

What Invisalign Can Do 

Metal braces have been the go-to option for decades. They are tried and true and can help correct any misalignments, gaps, bite corrections, and more. Even the most severe mouths over the years have benefited from metal braces. 

Invisalign is designed to straighten teeth just as metal braces do - except in different ways. They are designed, however, for more moderate conditions and may not work well for those requiring more advanced orthodontic procedures. 

Crowded teeth? Crooked teeth? Gapped teeth? Overbite? Then, Invisalign is a great option. 

Beginning Invisalign Treatment

Once it is determined that you are a great candidate for Invisalign, your orthodontist will begin gathering information about your teeth - and creating a plan to move and correct them. This is done using photos of your face and teeth, digital X-rays, and scans. 

The next step is all about creating your treatment plan, moving your teeth from their current position to their new position. This is done using 3D imaging technology on the computer. Having a well-developed, thorough plan is one of the best ways to ensure a solid outcome. 

Your Invisalign Trays

As soon as the treatment plan is developed and ready to go, Invisalign will begin creating your specific custom-designed clear aligners (also referred to as trays). It takes approximately a month for you to receive your custom trays. 

Here’s the thing - when you receive your Invisalign trays and attachments, you are not just receiving one set of aligners. Rather, you are receiving a series of  trays that move your teeth throughout a set period of your treatment plan. Because your teeth are expected to move, new trays will be necessary. As your teeth start slowly moving, you will put a new aligner in every week to help them along. 

Each time you begin using a new tray, there will be a bit of pressure on your teeth. This is normal and all part of the process of straightening your teeth. 

Moving Teeth

Your teeth will continue to move and straighten according to your treatment plan throughout the length of it. However, it is important to follow up with your orthodontist  for scheduled visits to ensure everything is moving as it should. 

The Invisalign treatment plan, in its entirety, is meant to last around 20-24 months. The longer you wear them each day, the faster your teeth will move. Most orthodontists recommend that you wear your aligners  22 hours each day. 

Learn More About Invisalign at Hass Family Orthodontics

At Hass Family Orthodontics, we use all effective and advanced methods of creating a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. For many of our patients, this includes the use of Invisalign aligners.  

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